Repoters & Critics REVIEW

A special attention to the media and critics sent on the animation film: <The Shower>.

“<The Shower>, a pleasant and unforgettable film; like a rain shower in summer”
“Allows you a moment to breathe in the theatre district.”
Animation film <The Shower>, which has a beautiful visual scene with an affectionate story and delicate pictures as though it is from a watercolor painting, was specially evaluated by  both the Korean audience and the major press and film critics.

  • It leaves a deep mark on the hearts of the audience, rather than showcasing the glamor of a blockbuster.   -  Reporter Lee Tae-hoon  (Chosun Ilbo)
  • A work that embodied the lyricism of Korea on screen   -  Film Critic Song Hyo-jeong (Cine21)
  • A warm visual and longing emotion that anyone can’t help but fall in love wit   - Reporter Lee Ji-young of Magazine M
  • The production that reflects the original work’s feeling and thus inevitably approaches the audience in a familiar manner    - Film Critic Yoon Seong-Eun (Busan Ilbo)
  • It doesn’t just mean moving forward. If you find that you will miss a lot of important things, You will have a richer mind   -  Reporter Cheon Sang Wook (RPM9)

  • It feels like I was drenched in the water of beautiful watercolor paintings containing the quiet and still landscape of the countryside   -  Reporter Hong Ji-min (Seoul Newspaper)
  • I can take a step closer towards understanding the confusing feelings with my first love!   -  Reporter Lee Yeon-Kyung of Sonyeon Joongang
  • Exhibits a distinctively clear and bright style.
    A unique gaze that’s still characteristic of Director Ahn Jae-hunn, who has pioneered a new course for Korean animation.   - Reporter Lee Tae-hoon (Chosun Ilbo)
  • It doesn’t get overwhelmed with its weight, but rather moves the heart of the audience. It is a successful film that managed to find its own way   - Indies Audience Press of INDIESPACE
  • The characters seem to be alive with the sound of each person’s voice  being similar to water and air, which I hear and meet every day.
    I’m wondering if capital may have made our daily lives sometimes more trivial, and on other times unfamiliar.   -  Jeon Seung-Eun ( Audience )
  • An animation that comes from innocence instead of being influenced by others deserves the highest reviews, and you can look forward to it.   -  Audience