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One Day of Hitchcock

히치콕의 어떤 하루 1998년 / 35mm / 7분 알프레드 히치콕 감독의 일상을 따라가며 감독의 영화적 아이디어들이 그 일상에 있지 않았을까 하는 내용. 히치콕 영화의 명장면들을 그의 하루를 통해 만나게 된다.
One Day of Hitchcock 1998 / 35mm / 7minutes / Independent briefie A film which suggests you will be able to know that his ideas in his movies came from his daily lives by following through his everyday lives. You can meet days of Hitchcock through famous scenes in his movies.
Director. Ahn Jae Huun

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