November 13, 2017

Director Ahn invited at Digicon6 ASIA


 Digicon6 ASIA

Director Ahn participated in Digicon6 ASIA during 8th~12th November!
Digicon6 ASIA is the field of communication to short Animation in Aisa.
They are annually held. This year was 19th ceremony.
Director Ahn attent in the capacity of judge for short animation.
and Participated in Awards Ceremony

Photo1 ) Participated in Awards Ceremony

Photo2 ) Director Ahn gave Gold prize  to  <Q-rice> director.

October 18, 2017

Representation and Variation – Decoding the Beauty of An Outstanding Landscape

Representation and Variation – Decoding the Beauty of An Outstanding Landscape

Film Critic Lee Soo-hyang

The animated film <The Shower> is the work of Director Ahn Jae-huun, who has, for an unisually long time, been steadily with the Korean animation industry, which has undergone ups and downs. Director Ahn Jae-huun has been apprised to create, “a picture with the power of healing, a color that can deeply move” and has since been scrutinizing Korean animations. In particular, the creative animation <Green Days> , which took long in production and was finally released in 2011,received positive reviews.

In 2014, he started a project series of ‘Korean short literature animation’ through an animation studio called “Studio Meditation With a Pencil”. The first work of this series, a theatrical animation called <The Road Called Life>, marked a new possibility for Korean animation. 

Anyone who has spent their school days in Korea would recognize novelist Hwang Sun-won, and his major work entitled <Rain Shower>


Director Ahn Jae-huun follows the narrative process and the conversations found in the original novel. In this sense, the scenes that are newly added as part of the narrative rarely appear. However, the original work is remarkable due to its dryness with the simple writing style, which attempts to avoid excessive sentimentality in painting a fairytale-like story of boys and girls; and instead shows the characteristic of sublimating their love out of the real-life level into a fantastic one. While the film embraces these aspects of the original work, it also exposes the artistic imagination as it reconstructed the empty parts that were not expressed in detail into the film. In particular, the opening title makes the creator’s imagination stand out. 


The exceptional beauty of this animation is in the clear, transparent, and spectacular landscape depicted as though it is a watercolor painting. The film starts with the scene where the grass is being shaken by the wind and the seeds of the dandelion are flying, revealing in detail the changes in season and the landscape of the countryside. In particular, the glittering stones and the clear stream where the boy and the girl meet, and the colorful appearance of the mountains in early autumn allow us to feel the texture of a cell animation. 

(the rest omitted)

original :

October 16, 2017

Repoters & Critics REVIEW

A special attention to the media and critics sent on the animation film: <The Shower>.

“<The Shower>, a pleasant and unforgettable film; like a rain shower in summer”
“Allows you a moment to breathe in the theatre district.”
Animation film <The Shower>, which has a beautiful visual scene with an affectionate story and delicate pictures as though it is from a watercolor painting, was specially evaluated by  both the Korean audience and the major press and film critics.

  • It leaves a deep mark on the hearts of the audience, rather than showcasing the glamor of a blockbuster.   -  Reporter Lee Tae-hoon  (Chosun Ilbo)
  • A work that embodied the lyricism of Korea on screen   -  Film Critic Song Hyo-jeong (Cine21)
  • A warm visual and longing emotion that anyone can’t help but fall in love wit   - Reporter Lee Ji-young of Magazine M
  • The production that reflects the original work’s feeling and thus inevitably approaches the audience in a familiar manner    - Film Critic Yoon Seong-Eun (Busan Ilbo)
  • It doesn’t just mean moving forward. If you find that you will miss a lot of important things, You will have a richer mind   -  Reporter Cheon Sang Wook (RPM9)

  • It feels like I was drenched in the water of beautiful watercolor paintings containing the quiet and still landscape of the countryside   -  Reporter Hong Ji-min (Seoul Newspaper)
  • I can take a step closer towards understanding the confusing feelings with my first love!   -  Reporter Lee Yeon-Kyung of Sonyeon Joongang
  • Exhibits a distinctively clear and bright style.
    A unique gaze that’s still characteristic of Director Ahn Jae-hunn, who has pioneered a new course for Korean animation.   - Reporter Lee Tae-hoon (Chosun Ilbo)
  • It doesn’t get overwhelmed with its weight, but rather moves the heart of the audience. It is a successful film that managed to find its own way   - Indies Audience Press of INDIESPACE
  • The characters seem to be alive with the sound of each person’s voice  being similar to water and air, which I hear and meet every day.
    I’m wondering if capital may have made our daily lives sometimes more trivial, and on other times unfamiliar.   -  Jeon Seung-Eun ( Audience )
  • An animation that comes from innocence instead of being influenced by others deserves the highest reviews, and you can look forward to it.   -  Audience




September 17, 2017

Project of Pencil Heart Audience Love

연필심(心) 관객애(愛)

Pencil Heart Audience Love

Korean animation, director Ahn Jae-huun’s Korean Short Literature Theater Season 2
<The Shower> is now showing.

A novel that is well-loved by Koreans drawn in stylish pictures and warm gaze,
has been attracting attention.

 Studio Meditation with a pencil staff is approaching the audience with a special method.

In the past, Director Ahn Jae-Huun’s has drawn the audienceduring various events by having conversation with the audience (GV).

This time, the staff members have joined and is taking rounds at theaters and meeting audiences under the name of Pencil Heart Audience Love In an environment with a fewaudience of adult Korean animation, Meditation with a pencil staff is breathing with the audience in various ways. 

Audiences upload the faces that animators drew, on their SNS and continue to show their support. I hope you can enjoy this special event of Korean animation studio animatorsin your country where works of Director Ahn Jae-huun are shown. 

December 18, 2016

San Francisco Seminar Participation!

We would like to announce Director Ahn’s participation at the upcoming seminar event in San Francisco, held by Bay Area K-Group.

We are aiming to communicate with the North American audience this year, and would like to thank you for all your support and interest :)?

* The seminar is exclusive for K-Group members.
However, non-members can enter by reserving a ticket in advance.

*Director Ahn will be visiting San Francisco from 18-21 December!


November 8, 2016

Director Rual Garcia visited our studio!

Director Rual Garcia visited our studio!
His visit is second.
first all, he visited Ihwa-dong Studio in 2014.

Our studio was moved in August.

So we could introduce our new studio to Director Rual.

His talked with our studio staff.
Staff Jung was helping communication with diretor Ahn to director Rual.

He leave a message to our studio!

He had a photo time with "A thousand years together" 's Charecter.

Thank you for coming!

April 10, 2016

Mohwa’s Shamanist costume design


In <Shaman Sorceress>, there are over 10 scenes of Mohwa performing exorcism and to really make each scene visually interesting and real, we designed 10 different Shamanist costume designs and props for each scene with the help of professional shamans and Korean classical musicians.

This design is from sequence #28, which is for exorcism for misfortune and you will see Mohwa’s confident performance in this costume.

Recently, we changed the double swords to a fan and a shaman rattle,
We’ll soon be sharing the updated version of this costume as well so stay tuned!

December 10, 2015

The Founder of GAINAX visits Studio Meditation With a Pencil

President YAMAGA Hiroyuki, a founder of Gainax in Japan
and his producer KIM Jeong-Min visited our studio.
Mr. Yamaga has been a good friend of director AHN Jae-Hoon since 2011,
and he had a big influence in releasing GREEN DAYS in Japan,
commenting that GREEN DAYS "will long last as a legend".

<Mr. YAMAGA Hiroyuki, producer KIM Jeong-Min
and Studio Meditation With a Pencil staff members>

< YAMAGA Hiroyuki and AHN Jae-Hoon >
Director AHN and president YAMAGA had a long conversation over the future of  2D animation, and the reason why 2D animation should last as well despite the prevailing of 3D animation.
Thank you again for the visit, and we hope to see you again!


THE ROAD CALLED LIFE screening at Taichung International Animation Festival!

THE ROAD CALLED LIFE was invited to Taichung International Animation Festival in Taiwan,
and it was a great success!
Director AHN, Jae-Hoon was originally invited as a jury in TIAF,
but this day, he met audience as the director of THE ROAD CALLED LIFE. :)

The direcctor's favorite time! :D
As a sign of appreciation, he loves to draw characatures for the audience. 
It was a great pleasure for us to be able to meet Taiwanese audience,
and hope you all enjoyed the film! :)

THE ROAD CALLED LIFE has won the "Audience Award" from Seoul Guro International Kids's Film Festival

THE ROAD CALLED LIFE has won the "Audience Award" from Seoul Guro International Kids's Film Festival !

Frances Yoo, a producer at Studio Meditation With a Pencil attended the ceremony and brought in this lovely trophy to the studio. :)

How does an animator know that he/she had a hard working day?

The proof of an animator's hard working day.
The upper one is from director AHN, Jae-Hoon
and the bottom one is from animator YOO, Ji-Eun.

THE ROAD CALLED LIFE was nomiated as the best animated feature in APSA!

Korean Short Literature Masterpiece Trilogy, THE ROAD CALLED LIFE is nominated as one of the best animated feature in Asia Pacific Screen Awards (Brsbane, Australia).
APSA is a prestigious award taht gives a special attention to films created in Asia/Pacific region and appreciates Asian/Polynesian culture.
The film was screened in Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival as well. :) 

October 20, 2015

Director Ahn Jae-Hoon : Special Talk Show

There was a special talk show of director AHN Jae-Hoon held by 2015 Indie Anie Fest.
Around 70~80 people have gathered to listen to the director's words,
and the director opened up his story starting from his philosophy on life and animation.
Some of the staff members who once worked with the director
and the staff members who are with him now are invited to the show as guests,
and shared their experience with the director and the animation industry.
Studio Meditation With a Pencil has been producing films since 1998,
and after all, it's the people and their hands who created these films.
"I don't consider my staff members as 'staff'.
To me, they are my 'comrades' ",
says direcctor Ahn.
And he promised that he will continue to make films that touch one's heart
with his "comrades".

Director Ahn as a jury in TIAF

<The Road Called Life> is invited to Taichung International Animation Festival in Taiwan,
and in the meanwhile,
Director AHN Jae-Hoon got invited to the festival as a jury.

is invited to Czech Rep.!

<The Road Called Life> is invited to Czech Rep.!
The film was screened during Korean Festival,
and it was screened twice, one in Praha, and one in Frydek-Mistek.

August 26, 2015

The Road Called Life goes to SDIKFF!

Korean short literature masterpiece triology,
<The Road Called Life> will be screened at
the San Diego International Kids Film Festival!

We hope this screening will be a good opportunity to introduce to the American viewers Korean short literature and its history, atmosphere and sentiment that is carved into it.

And we hope this will be a positive experience for many in the States and inspire them to create various pieces of work.

Date  : Sunday 30th Aug. @ 3:30 pm
Venue : Community Room, Point Loma Branch Library, San Diego, CA 

August 10, 2015

Eun-Bin's instagram

Eun-Bin Kim who sent a letter or respect to director Ahn has posted director Ahn's reply on Instagram. Eun-Bin said she was honored and surprised to receive a reply from the director and promised oneday she would be a fabulous director as well. Thank you Eun-Bin!

some vegetables

Red peppers and tomatoes harvested from the studio!

August 6, 2015

A stem

I don't like a picture of a flower that only shows a flower itself. 
Rather, I prefer pictures that's taken with a stem which shows where the flower came from

August 4, 2015

Stone from Andong

A special stone has arrived from nearby <Nyu-Dun> street, Andong, where Lee Hwang, a famous scholar from Joseon Dynasty, used to take a walk. 
This stone will be added to our stone monument! wink

vinyl umbrella, a prop of "Green Days"

vinyl umbrella, a prop of "Green Days"

To understand it's detail,
After asking all around, Director Ahn finally purchased it 

August 3, 2015

pencil stubs used in "Green days"

pencil stubs used in "Green days"

When "Green days" was premiered, We had a problem related monopoly and oligopoly.
Because We appreciate greatly audience who visited few theater, We gave them a pencil stub.
So, there were 2 cases but now there is few pencil stubs.

A gift from mahesh

Mahesh in india sent ahn a traditional t-shirt.

Director Ahn wearing mahesh's gift.