Project of Pencil Heart Audience Love

연필심(心) 관객애(愛)

Pencil Heart Audience Love

Korean animation, director Ahn Jae-huun’s Korean Short Literature Theater Season 2
<The Shower> is now showing.

A novel that is well-loved by Koreans drawn in stylish pictures and warm gaze,
has been attracting attention.

 Studio Meditation with a pencil staff is approaching the audience with a special method.

In the past, Director Ahn Jae-Huun’s has drawn the audienceduring various events by having conversation with the audience (GV).

This time, the staff members have joined and is taking rounds at theaters and meeting audiences under the name of Pencil Heart Audience Love In an environment with a fewaudience of adult Korean animation, Meditation with a pencil staff is breathing with the audience in various ways. 

Audiences upload the faces that animators drew, on their SNS and continue to show their support. I hope you can enjoy this special event of Korean animation studio animatorsin your country where works of Director Ahn Jae-huun are shown.