The Founder of GAINAX visits Studio Meditation With a Pencil

President YAMAGA Hiroyuki, a founder of Gainax in Japan
and his producer KIM Jeong-Min visited our studio.
Mr. Yamaga has been a good friend of director AHN Jae-Hoon since 2011,
and he had a big influence in releasing GREEN DAYS in Japan,
commenting that GREEN DAYS "will long last as a legend".

<Mr. YAMAGA Hiroyuki, producer KIM Jeong-Min
and Studio Meditation With a Pencil staff members>

< YAMAGA Hiroyuki and AHN Jae-Hoon >
Director AHN and president YAMAGA had a long conversation over the future of  2D animation, and the reason why 2D animation should last as well despite the prevailing of 3D animation.
Thank you again for the visit, and we hope to see you again!


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