Director Ahn Jae-Hoon : Special Talk Show

There was a special talk show of director AHN Jae-Hoon held by 2015 Indie Anie Fest.
Around 70~80 people have gathered to listen to the director's words,
and the director opened up his story starting from his philosophy on life and animation.
Some of the staff members who once worked with the director
and the staff members who are with him now are invited to the show as guests,
and shared their experience with the director and the animation industry.
Studio Meditation With a Pencil has been producing films since 1998,
and after all, it's the people and their hands who created these films.
"I don't consider my staff members as 'staff'.
To me, they are my 'comrades' ",
says direcctor Ahn.
And he promised that he will continue to make films that touch one's heart
with his "comrades".