The Shower (2017)

Directed by Ahn Jae Huun, <The Shower>, 2017
Do you remember the feeling from your first puppy love?

Original Story : Hwang Soon Won

Directed by Ahn Jae huun

Executive Producer : Lee Sang Wook
Producer : Han Seoung Hoon / Park Ji Hyeon
Music : Lee Ji Yeon
Recording : Cinemix Korea
Distributor : LittleBig Pictures
World Sales : MIRO VISION
: Shin Eun Soo (A Girl)
: Noh Gang Min (A Boy)

A girl spends time on one of the stepping stones at a brook, whilst a boy stays put awkwardly for days as shes blocking his way. As the girl breaks the silence and the two start to get along, having fun together in the mountains, a sudden shower of rain pours down and the girl falls ill.. <The Shower> by Hwang Sun-won

Director's Word
Do you remember the feeling you had from your first puppy love?
Maybe it doesn't quite pass as 'love' but it's a feeling that still has a special place in your heart.
<The shower> shows that very emotion.
Unlike films that make you want to fall in love.
<The shower> will help you understand the feelings you had in the past,
leaving a bit of throbbing pain in your heart.
- Jae-huun AHN-


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